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Isolation vs. Relationship

on January 20, 2014

You are NOT alone.

Those words are so powerful.  Not alone.  What a gift to recognize that this is a beautiful truth!  I am NOT alone.

The reality is, I never was actually alone.  However, if you were to spend a minute inside the prison cell that used to be my mind…you would notice that I always felt alone.  I could have been in a crowded room, even a room full of people who loved me….and I felt alone.

There is a deeper truth to that.  It wasn’t just aloneness that I felt.  It was isolation.  I heard, in a teaching this week, that isolation is actually a war tactic. Like…for real ‘war’, the kind that you engage in when you are in the Military.  They get the enemy alone, and break him down, bit by bit, until he is defeated.

What an interesting parallel that is to the spiritual life we lead.  Spiritual Warfare is no different than ‘war’ in the flesh. Well, perhaps it is a bit different.  The enemy we face has been wreaking havoc on the lives of Believers for thousands of years and has his tactics down to near perfection.  And I can’t forget the most significant difference between ‘war’ and Spiritual warfare.  I, as a believer in Christ, have already been given victory!  I already have EVERYTHING I need to be victorious over every single attack from the enemy.    Why is it, then, that sometimes I still feel defeated?

Ah…yes!  And then it hits me.  I used to walk in the dark – when I was spiritually blind and ignorant, and lived my entire life based on the truth I saw with my human eyes….there was no light.  I could not fellowship because there was no room in my mind for anyone else’s point of view.  I had no real relationships, because my intentional choice to isolate kept from establishing any relationship that went deeper than the surface level of my heart.  I was literally walking alone.  Although Christ was always by my side (for His Word tells me He will NEVER forsake me), I could not see Him, nor did I ever even consider inviting Him into my “own little world”.  What a miserable way to walk through life.  Yes, I was rarely actually alone, but I lived in a mental, emotional, and spiritual isolation.  It is no wonder than I was unable to effectively fight any battle that came my way.  I was defeated before I even began to fight, because I was fighting ALONE.

In 2010, when I came to the place where I no longer could exist in the life I had built, I started seeking something outside of myself for the first time.  As a result of this beautiful desperation, I came to know Christ at a personal level, and joyfully invited Him into my heart as my Lord and my Savior!  At that moment, I was equipped with all I needed to be victorious over every battle that I encountered.  There is no fiery dart than can wound me, because my LORD is my shield and my protector. Why is it, then, that sometimes I still feel defeated? It is because sometimes I find myself back in that place of isolation.  It is when I am not actively engaged in my relationship with Christ and other believers, that I slowly drift back into that place where I choose to walk alone.  In that moment, I become like the 1 sheep that walks away from the herd, and I am vulnerable to attack.  Wolves wait, all around me, for a moment such as that.

The only way to stand victorious, the ONLY way, is to maintain my connection with God and with other believers in my life.  God created me to be in relationship, first and foremost with Him, and then, with others.  I need to make a daily effort to actively engage in my relationship with God through communication (prayer, adoration, praise, worship…) and reflection (meditation, reading, journaling, listening) in order to ensure that I do not slip back into isolation.  I also need to surround myself with people who know me and love me, and are willing to help me grow and change.  These people are known as my “support network”, and I believe that every single one of them is a providential gift from God.


Who is the “support network” in your life?  Do you actively engage in your relationship with God on a daily basis?


2 responses to “Isolation vs. Relationship

  1. Ray says:

    Thank you for your blog. You have made me see that not spending time with God and my support network makes me become isolated “into darkness”. You would ask how, I crave after things that are not of God. I become depress, emotionally torn as I think of my ex-boyfriend “how things could have been different, asking the why questions”, lusting over things, envying the blessing of others “relationship, promotion, marriage & etc.” So I thank you for helping me to see the importance of ALWAYS staying in the word.

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