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Permissible but Not Beneficial

on January 23, 2014

“I have the right to do anything,” you say — but not everything is beneficial.  “I have the right to do anything” –but not everything is constructive.  1Corinthians 10:23

Growing up, especially in my later teens through my later twenties, I thought I was invincible.  I remember thinking that I could do anything I wanted to.  I was enthralled with the concept of “freedom” from the authority figures in my life.

I never considered that my actions actually had an impact on God.

My thoughts were that God wasn’t interested in the “little things” I did in my daily life.  I easily justified every sin I committed, by telling myself that it wasn’t sin.  I didn’t think that God cared what I did in my life, as long as I didn’t commit what I then considered to be the “big sins”, like theft, murder etc.

I went through my life like whirling dervish.  I justified getting drunk, being promiscuous, smoking, overeating, overspending, binge and purging…you name it, it was OK for me.  It literally was not until I became a surrendered Christian at the age of 35 that I even considered the things like yelling,  gossiping,  overeating,  frivolous spending,  or other similar seemingly “small” actions sinful!

As part of my nature, I cannot stand being told what to do.  I immediately begin the process of rebellion.  Growing up, I always felt like I had to be a “rule follower”, and I hated rules.  I was so consumed with what others thought of me, that I followed those rules whether I wanted to or not.  When I got out from under the constant watch of my parents and others who “told” me what to do, I started acting out in the ways I had always wanted to.

Finally, as I began to understand what it really means and looks like to follow Christ, I started to understand that I could “choose” to do anything I wanted to do.  I realized that God does not FORCE me to do anything, however He does ENFORCE consequences for wrong choices.  So, from the big things like getting drunk  and being promiscuous to less significant things, like profanity and gossiping, were actually choices I still had.  I was free to act in any way I wanted, but wrong actions equate uncomfortable consequences.  This was a concept that took me a while to understand.

When I did begin to wrap my mind around this Truth, I started changing my actions.  I started trying to line EVERYTHING I said and did up with God’s Word.

I focused on Philippians 4:8 ~ Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

This verse helped me to change the way I thought.  Changing my thinking helped me to change the way I behaved.  Changing my behavior is helping me to change my entire character, thus having a grand effect on my destiny!

Yes, I fully embrace that everything is permissible, but not always beneficial or constructive.  It is the constructive and beneficial choices that I choose for my life today!  Thank the LORD.


4 responses to “Permissible but Not Beneficial

  1. Melissa OBS Team Leader says:

    YES! AMEN I was the same way, but now I seek to please God. If you would have told me all of those years ago that I would be listening to praise music doing Bible studies etc. I would have thought it insane, but he is what is praise worthy, lovely, good, The thing is I used to think other things were. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Like I said before, we are on the same journey sister. I surrendered a yr ago at 34 – I am determined to reclaim my life and live it right but that requires lots of hard changes to my habits and behaviors.

    We joyfully make the necessary changes because in Christ we’re changed, made Holy, and Righteous in His sight. The old has passed away, behold the new has come – 2 Corinthians 5:17

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