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Lessons from Bonnie and Doyle

on February 6, 2014

When I was first walking the journey of faith, I had no idea what was happening.  My world started changing all around me.  I started to notice things, little things, that I had never noticed before.  I started to recognize God’s hand on my life.

One of the biggest changes that was happening during that time was inside of me.  The desires of my heart slowly began to change.  The things that used to bring me “joy” were no longer part of my life because God showed me how harmful most of those activities and people really were.  God began to create in me a desire to know Him at a deeper, more intimate level than ever before.  When I leaned in to that desire, God was Faithful.  He showed up every time.

I started attending a Bible study with my fiance, Ashley.  Here we started to learn the ‘ropes’ of the Christian life.  Neither one of us had any idea what we were embarking on.  He put two very special people at that same study, as our table leaders.  Their names were Bonnie and Doyle.

Bonnie and Doyle are probably the two most influential people on my journey that I never actually really knew.  Both Ash and myself were drawn to Bonnie and Doyle’s beautiful marriage, their love for God, and their transparency and humility.  We were so encapsulated with the way that God was speaking to us through them.  This was a first encounter of God in this way, so the effect has gained a special permanency in our hearts.

Bonnie and Doyle had some wonderful things to say to us that have continued to stick with us.  There were many lessons learned in those few months during which God put us in relationship with these two wonderful people.  I could probably write a small book on “Lessons Learned from Bonnie and Doyle”.  The lessons that come to mind instantly are:

God calls each of us by name.  When you read scripture, insert your name to make it personal.

When you see guilt, KILL it.

You have no right to return to the sins you have already left behind.

‘As You wish’  (Applying The Princess Bride to our walk with the Lord)

“I can’t contain God in this cup, or anything else.”

There is nothing that the human mind has encountered that can be used as a comparison for God.  It is impossible to truly understand His immensity.

You have to love someone enough to be willing to let God have them, whenever and however He wants.

It’s OK to be mad at God, and it’s OK to tell Him!

From obedience comes blessing.

These are just some of the lessons that have stuck with me over the years.  I just love how God puts exactly the right people in exactly the right places at exactly the right time!  Every time!  Bonnie and Doyle’s inspiration really gave both mine and Ashley’s spiritual walk a boost.  Who knew we would relate so well to a couple nearly twice our age?  Who knew that the words they spoke to us would continue to remain with us, and continue to edify us years after they were said?  God is so good, and the way He uses people in this way is just amazing!  I am in awe of how wonderful He is, and so completely humbled every time I reflect on the ways He has used me in a similar way in someone else’s life.  Wow.  He is a BIG God.  He is an AWESOME GOD!!!!


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