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The Jumping Off Point

on February 8, 2014

In the world of recovery, and I am sure in many other circles as well, the term “jumping off point” has a negative connotation.  It is considered the place where a person can no longer handle life and comes to the end of the “rope”, so to speak.

For the purposes of today’s reflection, I want to consider the “jumping off point” to be the place where a person makes a decision to jump out of their own comfort zone, and into God’s calling.

At the church I attend, The Chapel, we have been studying Abraham. We have been talking about how Abraham was credited righteousness as a result of his faith in God, and his obedience to God’s calling.  Today, we specifically studied how Abraham responded to God’s call…, when he came to the “jumping off point” in his faith journey, he JUMPED with both feet!

God was not specific to Abraham.  He didn’t tell him where he would be going, He simply told Abraham that he needed to leave his home and go to the land that He would show him.  And Abraham went.

Just like that.

This caused me to ponder…. if God called me to uproot from the home I know today, would I go as easily as Abraham? Or would I argue with God?   Or would I dismiss His call as my own crazy thinking?  Could I let go of all things comfortable and move to a new place without even knowing where that new place was?  Do I possess that kind of trust in my heart?

And if I am not answering YES to any of these questions, why?

Is it because I hold my own life too closely?  Is it because I think that my place is here, and what I think reigns over what God says?  Is it because I have made idols out of my comfort, my relationships, my material possessions, and the like?

These are very real questions on my heart, and I do not have any answers right now.

One of the people at our church shared today that they have felt God calling them to a “new land”.  This person is someone that many people look up to and count on being at church week after week.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that this person is the main reason that some people call The Chapel their home.  It was a shock to hear that this person has felt God call them out of The Chapel and into a “new land” that even they don’t know exactly where it is.  It was inspirational to listen to this person share their heart about what has been happening over the course of the past year in regards to this sense that they were being called to make this leap of faith.

It stirred my heart.  It inspired me.  It got me thinking.  Would I be so brave?  Would I be so trusting?  Would I be so obedient, if it were me?


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