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Love Journey: Love Must Be Sincere

on February 12, 2014

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sincere as:

1. having or showing true feelings that are expessesd in an honest way; genuine or real : not false, fake, or pretended

So, the first half of verse 9, “Love must be sincere” actually states:

Love must be genuine, real: not false, fake, or pretended. Or, what I really feel God speaking into my heart is that Love must be a showing of true feelings that are expressed in an honest way.  

Let me reiterate what I feel is the most important piece here:  true feelings that are expressed in an honest way. And notice, if you will, the use of the word must in the beginning of the verse.  God makes it abundantly clear here that sincerity in love  is not an option.  I want to pause for a moment, just to make sure that I am sensitive to all my readers’ needs.  The use of the statement “…expressed in an honest way”, is a reflection of love.  Not one of harshness.  We should be speaking to those we love with gentleness and compassion in our voices.

I don’t know about you, but my idea of love has changed dramatically since becoming a follower of Christ.  I no longer see love as a “limited” romantic feeling.  I now see love for what it really is: a “limitlessexpression.

In fact, Love IS NOT a feeling at all.  Love is a choice.  Love is an expression of that conscious choice to be in relationship with another.  Love is action.  Love is so far beyond the small glimpses we can see of it with our human eyes.

So, when I unpack Romans 12:9, I find that God has revealed the first and most important step to becoming a loving person.  Love must be sincere.

Love (an expression of a choice to exist in relationship)

must (a directive)

be (a state of being)

sincere (a showing of true feelings that are expressed in an honest way)


1.  Do I honestly express my feelings to those I love?

2.  Am I genuine?

3.  Do I understand that sincerity in love is a must?


3 responses to “Love Journey: Love Must Be Sincere

  1. Thank you Dawn. Thank you for breaking it down. It makes more sense when scripture is learned from a true teacher of Christ!

  2. Thank you Dawn. Thank you for breaking it down. It is so much easier to understand when learning from a honest and genuine teacher of His word! I look forward to tomorrow’s love message 🙂

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