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Reflections on Being Love

on March 5, 2014
I suppose I don’t have to wonder anymore about whether or not I am being loving.  I can look here and do a self-assessment any time.  As I have stated before, and will state again (and again), I am NOT ever going to be perfect (in this life) in any of these areas.  There is only ONE who is perfect.  Only ONE who IS LOVE, perfected.  I am called to be growing in the area of becoming love on a daily basis.  I can ensure that I am doing that, by checking up on myself every now and then.  Just like a doctor can do a check-up on my physical health, I also need a spiritual check-up to.  These 13 verses are a great tool for me to do that.  Here is my take-away from Romans 12:9-21.  This is what Becoming love looks like to me:
1.  Be sincere. (Romans 12:9)
2.  Be focused on the good in others. (Romans 12:9)

3.  Be devoted to one another. (Romans 12:10)

4.  Be placing others before yourself. (Romans 12:10)

5.  Be continuously growing in your relationship with the Lord (Romans 12:11)

6.  Be joyful in Hope (Romans 12:12)

7.  Be patient in affliction. (Romans 12:12)

8.  Be constant in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

9.  Be generous with time, talents, and resources. (Romans 12:13)

10. Be a blessing to others, regardless of how they treat you. (Romans 12:14)

11. Be sincere in rejoicing and mourning with each other. (Romans 12:15)

12. Be humble. (Romans 12:16)

13. Be willing to do the next right thing. (Romans 12:17)

14. Be at peace with one another. (Romans 12:18)

15. Be forgiving. (Romans 12:19)

16. Be kind to those who are not kind to you. (Romans 12:20)

17. Be an overcomer. (Romans 12:21)

The Lord is really blessing me with a beautiful sense of peace right now.  As I read over this list, as I look at it through eyes of “desire”, I am excited at the way I am going to be intentionally choosing to grow in the area of love.  There are many facets of love that I need much growth in.  It’s a good thing our Lord is patient and slow to anger.  I stumble around sometimes, but at the end of the day – my heart belongs to Him, and I know that I know that I know….  He is making me and molding me, day by day, to become more and more like Him.  And that, my friends, is well worth the struggle – whatever may come my way. 



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