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The Grace Journey

on March 7, 2014

So, today I am writing to you from a hotel room, about an hour from my house, where my daughter, a friend of mine, and myself are staying for the night.

We are out here for a woman’s conference, on Grace.  Yes – my 10-year-old daughter actually wanted to attend this conference with me.  I am very interested to see what she gleans from the teachings, the worship, and the time spent with God.

So far, we have heard 1 teaching on Grace.  Here is my reflection of what God spoke to me:

The night started off with a powerful statement on what grace really is:  Grace is a free, unmerited, precious gift from our Heavenly Father – to each and every one of His children!

Grace is Love for the unlovely.

It is Freedom for the captives.

It is salvation for the sinners.

It is sanctification for the saints.

To live in GRACE is to live in FREEDOM.

Freedom from the past, freedom from the burden of guilt, shame, remorse, pain, resentments, and other bondage brought on by our sin.

Grace is the pardon freely given to the one who deserves the death penalty. Grace is my pardon.  If I accept it.

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She was told she was at stage 4.  The words terminal and incurable were placed before this beautiful 20-something-mother-of-2.  She literally looked death in the face.  And you know what she did?  She stepped into the ring, boxing gloves on, hands raised, and ready to fight.  How?  She knew who her manager was.  She knew that her Savior was in her corner, and she trusted that He would give her everything she needed to fight.  Watching from afar, as she lost her hair, lost even her eyelashes, I was unable to experience her inner fight.  But I was able to witness her outer fight.  When she was losing her hair, she had a hair-pulling party with her kids.  When she was losing her eyelashes, she got fake ones.  When she was completely bald, she wore her baldness with pride.  She embraced her changes as they came, and she put one foot in front of the other.  But most importantly, she placed it all in God’s hands and trusted Him with the outcome.  And just what was the outcome?  Well, for today she stands Cancer FREE. The doctors are amazed.  Her friends and family are amazed.  I (and I am pretty sure she, as well) am amazed as always by God’s amazing Power, but NOT surprised.  God’s GRACE is bigger than Cancer.  Why does He heal one and not another?  No one knows.  It is not a matter of deserve – this I can assure you.  None of us deserves to be healed.  No – rather – I believe that in His mercy and compassion, God heals because He desires us to know Him.  He heals to show His glory, so that those who have been healed can carry His beautiful message to the world!  He has extended His Amazing GRACE to my sweet friend.  What a beautiful, tangible expression of a spiritual gift that God wants to bestow upon each and every one of us!!

Will you accept His free gift?  My friend sure did, and I am absolutely certain that she does not regret making the choice to allow God to come into her life in a very real and powerful way.

Which is exactly what happens when we open our hearts to His Grace.  Grace – The Way Home.  That is the name of the retreat I am attending.  I wonder just what God has in store for this little weekend journey!!


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