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The Grace Journey Weekend Reflection

on March 9, 2014

I last wrote from a hotel room.  On the first night of a Women’s Conference on Grace.  Wondering what God had in store.

Today, I sit on the other side of that experience….still reveling in the process that God always leads me on during these events.  Sometimes He brings me to a new level of understanding.  Other times He reveals Himself to me in an entirely different way.  Perhaps He places someone in my path and gifts me with the knowledge of why He placed me there.  Or He convicts me.  Or He strengthens me.  Or He changes me.  No matter what….He ALWAYS meets me right where I am, but has yet to leave me there.

Here I am.  On the other side of my Grace retreat.  In awe of His amazing omniscience.  He truly knows exactly what He is doing!

The words still aren’t coming.  I desperately want to convey to you the AWESOME things I gleaned from the weekend.  I want to deliver to you a beautifully wrapped gift of words that will create a stirring in your heart for God the way He created a stirring in my heart this weekend.

But I can’t.

I don’t know why.  I just know that there aren’t words.  Not yet.

What I can say is this:  Grace.  Amazing Grace.  It TRULY is AMAZING.

That’s all I have tonight.



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