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The Waterfall of God’s Grace

on March 10, 2014

There is an image that will not leave my mind.  It is an image of  an all-consuming, roaring, unceasing, powerful waterfall.  I see it cascading over the edge of a rocky cliff, moving past obstacles in its path as though they were not even there.  I see it meeting the waters below with a passion, with an intensity that is so thunderously powerful, it can actually be felt in the heartbeat of all those who stand in its presence.

This beautiful, heart-grasping, breathtaking, knee buckling, mighty, constant outpouring of water!  It moves effortlessly, regardless of what stands in its way.  It covers everything that comes within its encapsulating liquid embrace.  Everything. Covered completely.  The waterfall doesn’t change for anything, or anyone.  There is nothing anyone can do to make it stop, to make it more or less present than it already is.  It just is.  It continues regardless.  It’s there before you see it…it’s there when you become conscious of it…’s there if you choose to walk away from it…’s always there.

Anyone who goes near this waterfall, is drawn to it without words.  The constant rush of water seems to beckon to them, to call out to them, to welcome them.  There will be those who experience the waterfall from a distance.  These people will be amazed by its beauty. They will be enthralled with its power. They will find themselves full of fear at the thought of coming too close to such might.  They will not experience the fullness of all the waterfall has to offer.

Then, there will be those who experience the waterfall from the calmness of the waters that surround it.  They will not venture too near – for fear of being overpowered by its strength.  They, too, will be amazed by its beauty.  They will also be enthralled with its power, but unable to experience the fullness of stepping in to the water.  They will feel the ripple effects of the mighty falls, but will only choose to watch it move from the comfort of their calm place in the water.

Finally, there will be a select few who are drawn to the breathtaking falls with an inner intensity and passion that they are unable to suppress. These people will wade into the waters that surround the terrifyingly beautiful waterfall, and will be unable to remove their gaze from its beauty.  They will be so completely overtaken by its power that they forget all self-preservation.  They will move past the illusion of fear and allow the intensity of their calling to become the fuel to move them forward, one step at a time.  They set their own fears, worries, and rationales aside, keeping their gaze on the waters, until they stand beneath the thundering wall of water.  They will feel the waters pouring down on them, covering them and overtaking their senses.  They will experience an overwhelming sense of powerlessness, as the force of the water, the roar of its might, and the beauty of its presence take over all ability to think, to speak, or to even move. These people will find such amazement at the experience, they will long to remain ever-present in its midst.  Yes, these are a select few.

I’ve never laid my eyes on such a waterfall.  Not literally anyways. Not in the sense that I have felt the waters physically touch my body.  I have, however, been blessed to experience this figurative “waterfall” I speak of,  in an intensely beautiful way.  I have literally stood in the mighty waterfall of God’s Amazing Grace!

Waterfall of Grace?  I’m glad you asked!  This weekend, I was blessed with this image during one of the messages at the retreat I attended.  She spoke of being (literally) in Hawaii and watching a beautiful waterfall, and then deciding to stand under it….she then said she felt that God was showing her that His Grace was just like that waterfall.  What a beautiful image this presented in my mind.  It really grabbed a hold of me, and begged me to expand on it, connect to it, and fully engage with the image that God is creating in my mind and my heart surrounding the teachings I heard this past weekend on His Amazing Grace.  I couldn’t fully commit to meeting with this image until tonight.

Tonight, as I stood in the shower, I found myself asking myself “When did you stop believing?”.  Believe me, this question came out of nowhere and snapped me out of a daydream I was having about something so important I can’t even remember what it was!  This question caught me so off guard, I actually started an argument with myself.  Of course I believe!  I talk to God all day long, I pray, I read the Bible, I long for a deeper more authentic relationship with the Lord every day.  I practice spiritual disciplines, I journal, I read spiritual books, I listen to praise and worship music all day ….  Oh BOY.  There it is.  It happened.  I am doing things I think I should be doing to meet with God the way I think I should.  And it’s become routine.  It’s become “thoughtless worship”.  Ooooh…that stings to even write.  I have filled my life so full of “God things” that I am spending all my energy doing rather than being.  I am exerting energy thinking about the things I am doing, the things I need to be doing, the things I am not doing, the things I’d rather be doing…  It’s all about me.  Oh, when did I stop believing?  Stop believing that I am NOT the Blessed Controller of all things, stop believing that God longs to MEET with me, to SIT with me, to be PRESENT with me.  He longs for a tender time of communion, not a list of “godly” things that I am doing.  I’ve created a mental “checklist” of the things I need to do in order to be in right standing with God!!  OH MY GOODNESS!  How quickly and quietly that snuck up on me!

Ahhhh….the waterfall.  The image.  I’m getting it God!!  I’m seeing what He is showing me with this image of the waterfall.  His Grace is constantly flowing, inviting me to bask in all its Glory and Beauty!  He’s calling me IN to the water, IN to the waterfall of His Grace, where I can be STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.  I love God’s Grace.  I love to talk about it, to sing about it, to read about it, to write about it.  I LOVE GOD!!  But, I’m doing all of these things from a distance.  I’m admiring the beauty and power of the waterfall, but I’m too busy with my “living” that I am unable to rest beneath its never-ceasing flow of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  These fruits are lacking in my heart and life right now.  Their blooms are sporadic, at best.  The winter months have taken its toll, and there are branches on my tree that have begun to lose their luster.

Oh, Lord!  I know you have much more to reveal to me in this season.  Thank YOU for showing me that my belief in YOUR POWER is waning, when I allow myself to become complacent in my faith and lose the Truth of my role in this relationship.  Lord, you are GOD!  You are the CREATOR of heaven, of earth, of all in between!  You know every thought that enters my mind before I even do!  You know when I sit and when I stand!  You know my comings and my goings!  You knew every breath I would breathe before I even took my first breath!  Oh, Lord! When did I stop believing in that?  When did I make you so small again, so insignificant.  When did I allow my “doings” to become more important than my “being”.  Father, only Your grace can move me through this season.  I long to be pulled into the strength of your heart by your Amazing and Wonderous Grace!  Lord, my eyes are on you!  Draw me closer Lord, draw me HOME, to your heart, through the gate of Your Amazing Grace.  Remind me WHO YOU ARE!  Show me your GLORY Lord!  Let me never again allow you to become less.  Lord, I pray that would become less, and You would become more!!  Hear my prayer Lord!  It is in the precious name of JESUS that I pray!  Amen!


3 responses to “The Waterfall of God’s Grace

  1. Judd Smith says:

    “a stillness before God invites the setting aside of achieving — to allow the simple grace of receiving.”
    Ann Voscamp

  2. I literally just saw an unrelated picture of a waterfall on my fb timeline then God guided me somehow to this post. Very nice! I too get caught up in what I think I should be doing instead of just being. I think it is important to ‘do’ but I must remember to not let that overshadow HIM or lose sight of like you said who is in control. It is a fine line. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.

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