Strength For Today

A journey of keeping my heart, mind, and body in TODAY


on March 12, 2014

Yesterday I wrote about the power of God’s Amazing Grace!  As I was writing, He convicted me of something:  I may recognize the beauty of His Grace, I may long for it, I may have experienced it, but I am NOT living in the fullness of it!  I am not standing in the waterfall of His constant outpouring of love, because I am too busy doing life.

I don’t know about you, but I actually kind of like the idea of “doing life“.  In fact, I have used those exact words with my fiance!  I have told him how excited I am to “do life” with him on many occasions.  So, I don’t necessarily think that the words doing life have any negative connotation in and of themselves.  I do think that, for me, the doing part has gotten a little out of hand.

I can not exist in a state of being if I am constantly doing.  Have you ever considered that?  Can you actually just be when you are in the middle of a never-ending, always escalating, totally overwhelming to-do list?  I don’t know if it is the same for you, but when I get stuck in the to-do lists of my life, I seem to always end up chasing my tail, or running breathlessly – just trying to catch up.  Catch up to what?  To my own, self-imposed to-do list?  Seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  I can’t be the only one who does this, can I?

Perhaps I am. And that is alright by me.  The point is, as I was writing yesterday – God showed me something.  He showed me that I am so “drawn” to the visual representation of his Grace as a waterfall, because He is drawing me there.  He is beckoning me to stop all my doing and get back to my being.  Being in communion with Him.  Being present in my moments (as opposed to always thinking about the next thing I need to accomplish when I get this thing done…) Being active in my listening. Being where my feet are planted.  Seems like a simple concept.  I had a friend put it like this:  Grow where you are planted. Now, that makes sense to me.  I can visualize (can you tell I am a visual learner yet??) a flower growing – this is something I can understand.  It would be strange if I planted a seed in my flower bed, and that same flower began sprouting a few feet away from where it was planted….and bloomed a few feet away from there.  That makes no sense right?  So, then, why is it so hard for us to be where we are?  Why are we constantly striving to get to the next big thing in life?  The next home?  The next relationship? The next job?  The next season?  The next…the next….the next.

Is it that we are in constant search of something….something we feel we are going to attain around the next corner of our life?

I know, for me, I actually have been very intentional about being present in my moments.  Even so, I have managed to wander away from that and become sucked into the life of doing rather than being, once again.  The beautiful thing is, that today – I am aware.  I am aware of the need to stop.  I am aware of the need to exist.  I am aware of the need to breathe, to notice, to be.  It takes a lot of discipline (believe it or not) to set down the to-do list, and let God work on my heart in the way He wants to.  I’m ready.

Lord…speak!  Speak, for I am listening!



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