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on March 13, 2014

So, God has definitely prompted me to enter into a time of “listening”.  It is not an easy place for me to exist, as my general nature is that I am far more comfortable speaking than I am being quiet.  I am just tiptoeing into this space, and already I feel the discomfort of not being able to be audible when want to!

I have already found myself wondering, just how long am I going to have to exist in this space? I have also thought that perhaps God isn’t really calling me into more silence and less noise….which, in itself tells me that He is.  If that doesn’t make sense to you, let me explain. When I am uncomfortable with something, or it doesn’t line up with my nature, my typical response is to try to avoid, evade, escape, or, brush it off as nothing.  The truth?  It has been my experience that God calls me into these uncomfortable spaces to INCREASE my comfort level outside my comfort “zone”.

It also feels like I won’t be able to be quiet because my JOB is a TEACHER.  How can a TEACHER be QUIET???  Well, I think I may have heard a word on that this morning.  I felt the burden on my heart to speak only “what is necessary” when I was praying about this today.  Which means to me, when I am in the spaces between my educating or necessary communications with other staff members – I am to be quiet.  That prompted another notion inside of my mind.  Something I heard about through the process of “recovery”:


Is what I have to say….






****More to come as this journey progresses…..  God is definitely preparing me for something.  This I know.  For what?  NO IDEA.


One response to “THINK

  1. Indeed! The deeper I get in Christ the quieter I become – unless I’m talking about God then it’s hard to shut me up LOL. God’s preparing you for great things! God bless!

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