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Because I Love You

on April 4, 2014

There was a song in the 90’s that I really enjoyed listening to as a Freshman in high school.  It was called “Because I Love You” and was sung by the artist by the name of Stevie B.  It just so happened to be mine and my first Sweetheart’s “song”.  You know, that song that plays on radio, and the entire world stood still and your heart started pounding as you envisioned yourself walking down the aisle in a fancy white dress…?  OK, well, perhaps you aren’t the sappy romantic I was (and still can be)!

Anyway, those words because I love you represent a powerful message to a person.  When someone tells you they love you, it makes you feel special, valued, appreciated, accepted, loved.  And is there a greater feeling than the feeling of being  loved?  I’m not sure that there is.  I think one of the reasons that the words because I love you create such strong emotions are because they represent one very important word:  COMMITMENT.  When another person tells you they love you….what they are really saying is “I am committed to you”.

This morning, during my quiet time, I was led to a set of verses in which GOD makes such a commitment to us.  To me.  To you.  And if having another human being tell me they are committed to me creates such feelings of being loved, valued, appreciated, accepted, and loved – how much MORE does this mean to me that the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE is making that same commitment??  For me – it means everything.  Let’s look at the verses I read this morning:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  ~Isaiah 43:2

There is such beauty in that verse alone.  There is commitment woven all through those words.  The images of walking through the waters, passing through the rivers, and walking through fire – those images create fear inside of me.  Those words speak about extremely dangerous situations, extreme hardship and trials, terrifying situations that would instantly overpower a mere human being.  Maybe you aren’t as visual of a person as I am, so let me just try to give some words to you that explain what these words make me “see”.

pass through the waters:  I envision a tsunami water-wall hitting with extreme force and taking over everything it its path

pass through the rivers:  I envision fast-moving currents that are over my head, and me struggling to keep above water.

walk through the fire: I envision flames all around me, consuming everything they touch.

So, God is telling me WHEN I experience these things… not IF.  That is a key word to me here.  Nowhere in His Word does God promise that we will not have trouble.  Just the opposite is true, actually.  He promises that we WILL encounter trials and tribulations, hardships and suffering of every kind.  But He doesn’t stop there.  Look at His promises that accompany each of these images of extreme hardship:

I will be with you.

they will not sweep over you.

the flames will not set you ablaze.

He is promising to BE THERE with us through the times of suffering.  He is promising that our trials will NOT sweep us away! He is PROMISING that the hardship will not permanently harm us (emotionally, spiritually, or physically).  Of course, we will be affected.  Of course, these times will be DIFFICULT and SCARY.  But if we place our trust in Him instead of our own strength and capabilities:  we will be victorious on the other side of each of our seasons of difficulty.  Why?

He says it in verse 4:

Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you


BECAUSE I LOVE YOU – says the Lord.  Wow.  Wrap your mind around that today.  You ARE loved.  Perfectly.  Beautifully. Amazingly LOVED by the God of the Universe.

In my next post, I want to take a look at Psalm 91, where God tells us what happens when we place our LOVE and TRUST in Him.  When we commit to Him with the passion that He commits to us!!


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