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He is Faithful

on May 2, 2014

I feel that it is necessary to continue working through the emotional place that I have been for the last 48 hours.

Walking the road to recovery – the road to freedom – with Christ, is definitely the most treacherous road I have ever set foot on.  There are traps and stumbling blocks and impasses all over the place!  Sometimes I feel like I am walking through a mine field!  There are days when I see each mine so clearly and I can navigate through the field with ease and confidence.  Other days I feel like I can’t move at all because I can see NOTHING.  I feel like every step I take could destroy everything that I have built up.

The emotional battle is exhausting, and it is very real.  It is constant too.

From the moment I wake up in the morning until the moment I close my eyes and sleep, I am an active part in a very real battle.  It is a battle for my soul -and for the past 48 hours I have been playing the role of victim.

Self-pity reeks of arrogance.  Victim mentality does too.  When I am playing the role of victim in my own life, it is only because I have the focus entirely on myself.

This is not the desire that God has for me.  He did not create me to be a victim in my own life!  No!  God has given me all I need to be victorious on this day and every day!  He has called me into recovery, therefore He will enable me to live in recovery!  He, who has called me is FAITHFUL, and HE WILL DO IT.

It is my job to be intentional about my choices and my actions.  I have to make choices that take me out of the victim role and place me into the VICTORY.  The VICTORY rests secure in the work that Jesus did on the CROSS.  I have no place to either complain or to boast.  For neither my strengths NOR my weaknesses have any real emphasis in this life that I lead.  It is when I am allowing myself to be weak and to rest in His strength that I am victorious.  It is when I think that I shouldn’t be weak, or that I have to be strong on my OWN that I fail.   Why?  Because whether I think I am weak or strong, I am still resting in SELF.  And God’s weakness is stronger than my strength.  Which is why the Bible tells me that YES, I can do all things….  HOWEVER…. the REST OF THE LINE IS THE IMPORTANT PART…

I can do all things through Christ who is my strength.  Philippians 4:13



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