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Beautiful Motherhood

on May 11, 2014

It starts with pain.  Unbelievable pain.  Excruciating pain.  Dig-your-nails-in-the-nearest-available-thing-kind-of-pain.

It starts with work.  Intense work.  Sweat pouring down your face work.  Want-to-sleep-for-a-million-years-when-you’re-done-kind-of-work.

Pain and work.  Work and pain.  Who wants that?  Who desires to do something that starts off like THAT??

Moms. That’s who.  Wonder why?

JOY.  The result of the pain and work of bearing a child is pure, beautiful, incomparable JOY.  When you hear the first cry of your child, when you look into the eyes of the sweet life you have been carrying inside your body for the last nine months.  When you touch the hands and feet that have been pushing against you.  When you feel the heart beat that up until now, could only be detected by ultrasound.  When you first get to wrap your sweet infant in your arms, and when you place that first kiss upon their beautiful skin….  there is no moment that can replace that.

There is NO GREATER JOY for a mother than the joy that is experienced in those first few moments in the life of her child.

The pain is gone.  In an instant.  The work was worth it.  Even the memory of the pain and work seem to vanish instantly.  Yep, the end result of childbirth is better than its beginning.

God’s Word tells us this:  The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. ~Ecclesiastes 7:8

Now, thinking back on the three experiences I had with childbirth, I will not say that the fruit of patience had a lot to do with it!  However, in the days – weeks – years that followed, patience was absolutely necessary.  The sleepless nights.  The hours of crying.  The “toddler” years.  The “why?” years.  The “separation anxiety” years.  The “potty training” years.  The “temper tantrums” years.  The “I-want-to-do-it-myself” years.  The “pulling-away-from-mommy” years. And all the years in between and to follow.  Each season requires its own element of patience.

And I believe that God gives mothers this beautiful gift.  This gift of patience the second she finds out she is going to be a Mom.  Now, don’t get me wrong. Mother’s don’t always access this amazing gift we have been given.  But it is THERE.  And as Moms, aren’t we the last people to feel patience sometimes?  In fact, I wonder how many of you are reading this and thinking, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that God forgot to give me that gift!”.  I think we all feel that sometimes girls, so don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just remember that God is Good.  And every good and perfect and pleasing gift comes from above.  (James 1:17).  Also, remember that what God calls us to do, He sends His Holy Spirit to enable us to do it.  We are NOT alone.  Not for a second.  God has called us into beautiful motherhood.  He has entrusted US with the hearts and lives of our children, of HIS children!  We can be confident that HE WILL enable us to do it!

In the moments when you feel like you just can’t take it anymore, the moments that you think you have come to end of all that you are able to handle on your own…  take a step back and remember this:  This too shall pass.  Every season that comes, also goes.  Every moment that feels impossible, will have an end.  And remember, that the end of a thing is always better than its beginning.  And it is GOD who enables us to get through the tough times.  It is God who provides all we need to be the Mothers that He has called us to be.  We only have to access the gifts He has already provided us.

Thank You JESUS!

One of the most powerful and effective things we can do as Mothers is to pray for our children!  Pray without ceasing!  Whatever trial you or your children are experiencing right now, God is more than capable of handling it.  As mothers, our hearts break into pieces whenever our children hurt.  And the trials that they are experiencing, we experience right along with them.  So pray.  Pray hard.  Pray often.  Pray for God to intervene.  Pray for wisdom to handle the trial the way God wants you to.  Pray for the words to say to your child that will strengthen them and build them up.  Remember, our responsibility as Mothers is not just to raise good kids, but to train them to become godly adults.  We are not just to tell them what to do….we are to  SHEPHERD our children, to GUIDE them, to LEAD them, to MINISTER to their hearts.  Our responsibility is to teach them the right way to live, so that they will end their lives where they began – with the LORD in Heaven.  That’s a pretty big task.  An impossible one, really.  Which is why God gives it to us!  He gives us the impossible so that we lean on Him and let Him handle it for us.  In fact, Jesus says it perfectly In Matthew 19:26  Jesus looked at them and said, “With man (woman)  this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

So, on this beautiful Mother’s Day, rest.  Rest in the fact that One who is far greater than you, has CALLED you to be a Mother.  He has given you all you need to raise your children according to His will for them.  He has empowered you with every good, perfect and pleasing gift that you will need to guide your children along the path to life.  Rest in His authority today, knowing that He loved each of your children before they even came to be.  Rest in knowing that He knows every hair on their head.  Rest in knowing that He has a plan for them, and He will continue to give them all they need to live out that plan.  Teach you children how to to have a relationship of trust and faith in their Creator.  Release them into the Power and presence of God in their lives, and set a beautiful example for them today, of resting in the trust that He has it all covered.  Today, and Always.

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!  Each one of YOU is a beautiful example of God’s unconditional Love for His children! Cherish this day, and every day that He has provided for you.  Rejoice and  love your children well today.





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