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A Prayer for Release from Bitterness

on May 19, 2014

God!  Lord!  You are the Creator of all things, on heaven, on earth, and everywhere in between!  Everything!  All of it made and inspired by the works of your hands.  God, you know all things.  You are in all things.  You see all things.  You are fully aware of this situation I am in right now.  You know the hearts of every single person involved.  You know our thoughts, you know our motives, you know all!  God, right now I can feel my heart building up walls of bitterness and unforgiveness against this person.  I know that you have commanded me to forgive.  How can I not forgive all, if I – myself- have been forgiven all?  I choose to let this go Lord, I do.  I need your help!  This situation is far bigger than I am.  It is far too much for my simple human heart to grasp, to carry, to try to figure out.  I do not understand the purpose behind this season Lord, but you do!  And that is enough for me.  I pray for the strength to release this person and all they have done to harm me and my loved ones.  I pray for the strength to let go of the pain and anger, and to cling to your truth.  You are God!  You can change every heart!  Every single one!  Not one of us is outside the capability of your love to completely and fully transform!  I pray for that, Lord.  I pray for a complete transformation of hearts in this situation. I pray your guidance and protection each step of the way.  I pray for the right words to say when words need to be spoken, and I pray for you to close my mouth when there needs to be silence.  I trust that you are doing a great work in this, and I am all in!  I love you Lord, and I thank you for the gift of FREEDOM!!  In Jesus I pray !  Amen


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