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Running on Reserve Battery

on June 11, 2014

I finally have taken a moment to sit.  To breathe.  To write.

Life has been moving at an unbelievable pace for me lately, a pace I am having a hard time balancing.  I find myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted most days – without energy enough to do the things that I love to do – my reading, journaling, and writing.  It is hard to plan a wedding and a move all at once.  It is hard to navigate through these final few months of preparation to be a wife again.  Sometimes there is just so much to do that I can’t figure out where to even begin!

I would like to say to you that my fast-paced living is the only reason I haven’t written lately.  But, alas, that would not be truth.  I have been lazy with my disciplines lately – all of them.  I haven’t been exercising my physical, spiritual, or emotional muscles as of late – and of course, I am feeling the effects.

Exercise, for me, always seems so daunting on the side of “I really need to ________”.  Whether it is physical exercise, spiritual exercise, or emotional exercise – it always seems so difficult to get started once I have fallen away from a routine.  Instead of sitting here and making a thousand excuses about why I am not doing what I need to be doing, and how uncomfortable I am feeling as a result, I think I am simply going to share with you some of the exercises I need to get doing again and why!  And maybe you can become my accountability partner in this.  I have found that being accountable to someone is one of the most helpful ways for me accomplish any task.

My Spiritual Exercises

My spiritual muscles have been pretty lax lately.  For me, starting my day and ending my day with quiet time has proven to be a very effective way to keep my mind and heart focused on what matters most, and away from what doesn’t matter at all.  I find that if I am not actively practicing this art of spending quiet moments in reflection with God, I am usually feeling a disconnect from Him.  I don’t always work the same muscles during this time.  Sometimes, I sit quietly with God.  Sometimes I read the Bible meditatively.  Sometimes I journal and reflect on what I’ve been studying or what is going on in my life.  Sometimes I journal my prayers.  Sometimes I pray out loud.  Sometimes I listen to worship and praise music.  And, on occasion, I am able to do it all.  Whatever muscles I am focusing on – I always tend to find peace and comfort in my times spent with Jesus – and the day that follows is usually a day when I am consciously aware of His presence in nearly everything I do.  Just writing this down reminds me of how much I love and truly do miss being consistent with my daily quiet times.

Action Step:  Tomorrow I will get up 30 minutes before my children, and spend quiet time with God.


My Emotional Exercises

This really goes hand in hand with the spiritual disciplines in my life.  Typically, if I am spiritually fit, I am also emotionally stable.  However, as a result of a lapse in my spiritual fitness, my emotional fitness has been less than ideal.  One of the exercises I must do to maintain a healthy level of emotional living, is to attend my recovery meetings regularly.  This is not something I have been doing with intentionality lately.  Where I really need about 3 meetings a week – I have been taking the time for 1.

Action Step:  Tomorrow I will talk to another person in recovery, and get to a meeting within the next 48 hours.


My Physical Fitness

Again, this goes along with my spiritual fitness.  When I am feeling grateful and spiritually fit, I tend to be more physically active.  I enjoy taking “prayer runs” around my neighborhood.  I am centered emotionally and I take care of my body.  I eat well and I eat healthy amounts.  My thinking, in regards to food, is healthy.  I feel good on the inside, and I choose good choices so I can feel good on the outside as well!  I enjoy working out to praise and worship music, or listening to a teaching or the Bible, or just spending time praying while working out.  I really need to get going on this again!

Action Step: Tomorrow I will take a “prayer run”


I sincerely appreciate you being here to read my words today.  It may seem silly to you, but just knowing that these words will be read by someone else, helps me to want to follow through on what I know God is calling me to get back into – SHAPE.  In multiple senses of the word.

I just love it when He does that!


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