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How Does God Speak?

on August 4, 2014

How does God speak to you?

Think about it for a minute.  If we believe what we say we believe as Christians, and that is that GOD IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE in our lives every day, then He must be communicating with us, right?  And there are so many available options when it comes to communication in our day and age!  I mean, there’s the spoken word of course. God uses people to speak to us all the time.  There are sermons given at church, on-line, on the radio, and on the television. There are amazing Praise and Worship songs out there today as well!  Then, there is the written word (I’m actually referring to the ‘old school’ WRITTEN word here… like BOOKS).  There is the Bible, daily devotionals, various individual, small and large group studies, and other Christian books written by a myriad of respectable and noteworthy authors. There is also the cyber word!  There are emails, on-line Bible studies, on-line devotionals, on-line prayer groups, and pretty much everything else you can think of!  God has a multitude of ways to get our attention!


One of the most amazing things about God is that He cares deeply for each of us as individuals.  We are not just a collective group of His people.  We are a collective group of His children.  And like children, we each have a unique learning style.  We each have a means of communicating and receiving communication that works BEST for us.  And you know what?  God cares about that!  He cares that you receive information best through reading, while someone else receives it best through listening.  What amazes me about this whole thing is the astronomical NUMBER of people that God is intimately concerned about.  It’s a number too large for my simple mind to comprehend.  And that is OK.  That is where my Faith comes in.  I believe what I believe because God says  it is the TRUTH.  And so, I believe that He takes the time to communicate on a very personal level and in a very intimate way, with each of us.

So, how does He speak to you?

Like anyone trying to communicate with us, God cannot get through to us unless we are willing to listen for Him.  I mean, think about it!  If your spouse is trying to talk to you, and you are in the middle of talking to someone else, would you really be able to hear him or her? I mean, really hear?  Basically, that is what we do to God.  We are always so busy busy busy!  Busy doing this and that, busy talking to this person and that person, busy with our jobs, our parenting, our relationship building, and even our thinking!  We are often so busy, that we miss God’s messages!  I don’t know about you, but just that thought makes me feel uneasy.  I, for one – do NOT want to miss a single word that God has for me!  So, how do I do this?  Well, a wise person once said some words to me, and they have helped a great deal in this area of hearing God speak.  She said, “Dawn – sometimes you just have to shut your mouth, quiet your mind, sit still, and listen!”

Sitting quietly before God is a wonderful thing to do.  Some people are able to just shut off their minds and sit before God meditatively, receiving messages galore from Him!  I must be honest with you.  That is not me.  I have tried and tried, but my brain will just not QUIT when I am sitting in silence.  And to be honest with you, the noise of my thoughts (even the thought “Be quiet brain!!”) becomes loud enough to drown out anything that God might have to say in that time.  So, while I enjoy quiet times of just sitting still periodically, that is not the way God speaks to me.  But it is a good start.

For me, going before God with my mouth quiet is essential.  Being still is not necessarily as vital for me.  (In fact, I hear from God a lot when I’m running.) But the number one way that God speaks to me is through the written word.  I get revelations through reading the Bible, devotionals, and other individual or group studies.  I hear God when I read alone, and when I read with others. I have discovered over the years, however,  that God communicates with me on an incredibly intimate level the most, through my own writing.  It is awesome really.  I usually think I’m just “venting” or “praying” or “reflecting” in my journals.  But when I get a prompting to go back and read something, I typically receive messages from God for THAT moment from something I could have written weeks, months, or even years ago!  Also, sometimes I think I am writing for a specific purpose, and I come to find out that I was really writing because there was something God was trying to communicate to me.

Case and point:  In my most recent blog post, Letter to My Daughter, I thought I was initially only writing to my daughter.  Thenthought I was writing for other mothers/fathers to share with their daughters.  It was only yesterday that it hit me.  I was writing that letter because GOD had something to say to me.  In fact, it was this sentence that struck me, and caused me to re-read my words to my daughter in a very different way:

 “If you have a strong connection with the Lord, you are going to recognize your True Beauty and Worth.  You will KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that YOU are a daughter of the MOST HIGH KING, and you are perfectly LOVED, perfectly VALUED, perfectly ACCEPTED, and ADORED.”

Yesterday, I realized that I had been struggling with this very issue.  I had been struggling to see my own True Beauty and Worth. I was having a difficult time remembering the TRUTH about being perfectly loved, valued, accepted, and adored…simply because I am HIS daughter.  It hit me, and I cried like a baby.  God loves me so much, that He spoke personally to me through my very own writing.  It never ceases to amaze me, How incredibly loving and faithful our God is!!  Every time I am discouraged, or down… every SINGLE time, He comes through the fog of my mind, and speaks.  My only part is to listen.


So…  How DOES God speak to you?



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