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Psalm 91: Day 2

on September 25, 2014

S- I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.”

O- Again, this verse so beautifully states my part.  In verse 1, I am reminded that my part is to dwell in the shelter of the Lord, and in verse 2 my part is to proclaim my decision to trust in my God!  This is not passive by any means.  Verse 2 is written in a very active voice.  My part here is to say, to speak, to share my faith in my God.  The use of the word “He” in this verse along with the phrase “I will say of the Lord” expresses very clearly that I am not saying these words to the Lord, but rather to someone else.

He IS my refuge!  He IS my fortress!  What a mighty God we serve!  These words, REFUGE and FORTRESS create powerful images of protection!  God isn’t just some entity who lives separately from us. Not just some giant man in the sky, sitting on His throne, looking down on the world and passively sitting back – doing nothing.  THAT IS NOT THE CHARACTER OF GOD.  Rather, God is a VERY active God.  He is here with us, right now! He is a dwelling place, He is a shelter, He is a place of rest, He is a refuge, He is a fortress!!!  I mean, just LOOK at those words for a second!  In just two small verses in one little chapter of the Bible, God’s character is illuminated beautifully.  You can’t dwell in something that isn’t right there in your midst.  You can’t seek shelter or rest in something that isn’t right there. You can’t find refuge or a fortress of protection from something that isn’t there all around you!  But the Bible says in black and white that GOD IS ALL OF THESE THINGS.  So, either we serve a VERY active and present God – or the Bible isn’t telling us the truth.  It’s one or the other.

A– Expressing my belief in my God to anyone who will listen – this is how I read this verse.  I choose to make the Lord my dwelling, I choose to seek shelter in Him, I choose to find my rest in Him – and then I choose to share these decisions!  I proclaim my faith in God, and I tell anyone who will listen that He is the One I put my trust in, HE is the One I turn to for protection!!  Only God!

P- Lord!  I love you!  I trust you!  In all things!  Please, Lord, grant me the willingness and the opportunity to boldly proclaim my faith in You!  Please provide me opportunities to share with those who have never heard of You as You reveal Yourself in your Word.  Please provide me opportunities to help others see how truly BEAUTIFUL You are, how much you Love us, and how active You are in our life!  God!  So many people don’t understand that You are a very real, very tangible, very present God!  People think that You don’t care Lord!  Help me share Your Truth with those who need to hear it! Prepare hearts Lord, as only You can!  Make a way Father!  Open hearts, open minds, open doors!  In Jesus I pray! Amen


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