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Psalm 91: Day 3

on September 29, 2014

S: Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. Psalm 91:3

O:  As I read this text, I love how the words HE WILL pop right off the page!  Two very simple words.  Just a pronoun and a verb.  He will.  He will. He WILL!!!  God’s amazing faithfulness is what stands out to me in these two words.  When I read “He will…” throughout the pages of His Word, I am drawn to the fact that He is a God of 100% faithfulness.  Not 99%.  Not even 99.9999%.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT faithful!  So, if God is the only perfect Faithful One, then I can hold Him to His Word every single time.  I can count on Him every single time.  I can have FAITH in Him.  Every single time.

So, what am I having faith in, according to Psalm 91:3?  I am having faith that God Himself will SAVE ME!!  I am having faith that, no matter what, I can count on Him to save me.  Is that going to look the way I THINK it should look, every time?  Chances are NO.  My human concept of “save” and God’s Truth of “Save” are sometimes very different.

For example, how many times do we hear questions like these?  “If God is so good, then why did He let _____________ happen?”   or  “If God is such a good God, then why do bad things keep happening?”  or  “If God is so real, and He loves us, then why are children being abused and killed?  Why are their rapists and murderers?  Why does He let people kill people because they believe in Him? Why doesn’t He stop that?”  

I mean, if I read Psalm 91:3 literally, I read that HE WILL SAVE ME FROM THE FOWLER’s SNARE (the trap of evildoers) and FROM DEADLY PESTILENCE (deadly disease).  And if God is who He says He is, then those questions could be valid…  WHY IS THERE STILL ALL THIS BROKENNESS in the world if God is so FAITHFUL to KEEP HIS PROMISE?  WHY IS THERE DISEASE and WHY ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE BEING KILLED (sometimes even for HIS sake) every single day?  WHY???

Well, I am just a simple woman – NOT a theologian, priest, pastor, or minister – but if I look closely enough at God’s Word, and I read beyond this isolated verse, I can see that God never promised to save me from the fowler’s snare or the deadly pestilence by removing the problem.  He never promises that there wouldn’t be snares or pestilence – but rather that there would be these things. In fact, have you considered this?  

If the brokenness didn’t exist, then why would the saving even be necessary?

Never once in His Word does God promise us that life will be easy or without pain and suffering.  His Promise is that He will be with us THROUGH these things.  His promise is that, if we make Him our DWELLING, our SHELTER, our REFUGE, and our FORTRESS, then He will be our Savior!  He will save us from ALL of the brokenness, from EVERY snare, from EVERY disease…He will save us.  And this saving isn’t the same as our human concept of saving.

He doesn’t always save us from the circumstance.  He saves us in the circumstance.  Sometimes He even saves us through the circumstance. God’s saving Grace is far bigger than the human mind can possibly understand.  But if God is who He says He is, then He will do what He says He will do.  In His way and in His time.

A:  I will trust that God IS who He says He is, and that He WILL do what He says He will do!

P: God, you are so beautiful!  You are sovereign!  You are all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving!  You are GOD!!!  Lord, there are so many broken people in this world.  There are so many people who are hurting, so many lives that are falling apart. Lord, I pray for each one of these people now.  I don’t know them, Father, but You do.  You know what they need and You know what they don’t.  You know what Your plan is for their life, and You have and will continue to work out the plan that You have prepared.  Lord, I just pray that they would have hearts that are open to You, and that they would seek You out.  I pray that all those who are in need of healing, would turn to You – and find it.  In Jesus I pray!  Amen


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