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Intentional Sacrifice

Related words and definitions for Intentional:  

conscious (awake and able to understand what is happening around you)

deliberate (to think about or discuss something very carefully in order to make a decision)

intended (in your mind as a purpose or goal)

knowing (shrewdly and keenly alert)

purposeful (having a clear aim or purpose)

Sacrifice: the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone

Intentional Sacrifice.  Talk about two words that I never imagined would bring a girl like me joy!!  Yet, the idea of intentionality is one that excites me!  I think perhaps it is because I rarely did anything with intentionality in my past.  I just went through life by the seat of my pants, so to speak.  I was like the chaff, blowing this way and that. (But they are like chaff which the wind drives away. Psalm 1:4)

If the concept of intentionality was one that was far from my heart, then you could say that the concept of sacrifice was nowhere in the vicinity of my life!  I did not understand what a true sacrifice was.  In my past, my idea of sacrifice – was giving up candy for about 2 weeks of the 40-day stretch of lent, or not eating meat (if I remembered) on Fridays, or letting my children watch their shows on TV over me watching mine.  I had NO IDEA of what a sacrifice truly was!  Not only that, but I didn’t understand that a true sacrifice, was one offered up with a heart of JOY and GLADNESS, not begrudgingly.

Oh, the Lord has instructed me in His ways!  What a Great and Mighty Father we have!  He has shown me the heart of true sacrifice by expressing to me how deeply He loves His Son, yet how willingly He offered Him to me, as the ultimate sacrifice for my sin!  Since becoming a true follower of Christ, I am of the understanding and absolute BELIEF, that He would have sacrificed no less than everything, even if I had been the only human on the face of this planet!  What kind of love is that???  It is the kind that I want to have.  I want to lay my life down for the sake of my friends.  I want to put my needs and desires at the foot of His cross, and let Him do as He pleases with me!  I desire nothing more than to completely yield myself to Him, in all areas of my life!  Oh what a beautiful life I have today – and on the days when I choose to yield completely, on the days when I hand the reigns to the Lord and don’t take them back, oh – those days are by far the most amazing and glorious days I have ever known!  And it all boils down to intentionality.  I have to be intentional about my choice to lay it all down – to sacrifice all, for the sake of His GLORY, and my good.

Looking at the related words and definitions for the word intentional, it is clear to me why it excites me!   I see the words awake, understand, clear, decision, think, carefully, alert, and purpose.  That’s exactly what God has done for me!

He has awakened my soul, granted me a clear understanding of His leading, so that I can think carefully, remain alert, make good decisions, and achieve the purpose for which He created me!

And how did I get to that point?  How did I go from chaff blowing in the wind to a woman who stands awake and alert, clear-minded and aware of His presence, His leading, His purpose?  How does a transformation like that happen?

Intentional Sacrifice.  Daily.  Even more than daily sometimes.  

When I stand before my Lord, with my palms open and my heart available….He moves.  When I quiet my soul, open the eyes and ears of my heart and say “Yes Lord”…..He speaks.  When I intentionally lay my life each day, at the foot of His Cross, and let Him move me…..He leads.  And life becomes full of purpose.  A beautiful, purposeful, love-filled life!  And there is NOTHING I would trade it in for.  Nothing.  Not even on the hard days.

Intentional does NOT mean easy.  It means ON PURPOSE.  I sacrifice my personal wants, desires, and ambitions to the Lord with a joy-filled heart each day….not because I think He is going to give me what I want….but because I know that only He knows what I need.



Emotional Triggers

I am currently involved in a study called “Made to Crave”, which surrounds the idea of craving God more than I crave anything else in my life.

I want that to be a true statement.  No, I long – yearn desperately for that statement to be TRUE!

I tell myself it is true.  I say, “Yes, God!  Anything you want from me, and I am in!!” —  and I truly think I mean it.  Then, something will happen:  I wake up late, or I have a stressful morning, or I have a stressful afternoon, or the kids aren’t listening, or I’m missing my fiance, or I get bad news somewhere along the line….the list can go on forever.  Whatever “it” is, something happens.

Yesterday was a day of somethings.  I didn’t wake up late, but our morning was stressful. My daughter slipped on the ice as we were leaving, fell down the stairs, got soaked, had to change – and as a result, we missed the bus, I had to drive my children to school, and I was late for work – where everything seemed to be falling down all around me, I couldn’t get my mind to center on the place I was, the stress mounted, and I was left feeling restless, irritable, and discontent.  And all I could think of to “solve” my emotional turmoil???  FOOD!

Really Dawn?!?!?!?!?!?

The thing that creates the biggest frustration for me, is that I was aware of my intense craving for food to satisfy.  My awareness was key and I actually battled well for most of the day.  Until I didn’t.

Sugar.  When I am in emotional crisis (or at least my brain thinks I am, and sends this ridiculous craving “to be comforted “to my stomach) I think about sugar.  And when I allow myself to give into that thought, I instantly want more – the phenomenon of craving instantly develops.  So, yesterday, I ate a piece of chocolate.  Seems harmless, right?  Well, the piece of chocolate led to an “Airhead”, which led to another, which led to a craving for more.

I got home, where some spaghetti was waiting for me with some delicious tomato sauce (both contain sugar).  I started eating and couldn’t stop.  Not until my stomach wanted to burst.  And, if you have been following my journey at all, you know what happened next.  Following that moment, I instantly started searching the house for more sugar.  Anything.  I would have eaten it.  It wasn’t until I was so tired that I couldn’t stand it – that I finally fell asleep.  But, not without first beating myself over the head emotionally.

Really Dawn?!?!?!?!?!?

I want that to be a true statement.  No, I long – yearn desperately for that statement to be TRUE! I love the Lord, and I want to crave Him above anything and EVERYTHING else in my life!

It is apparent to me that I have a long journey ahead of me.  Just when I think I might be making some progress, old triggers pop up – and I see that I am still reacting the same way I always did – when I am not spiritually fit.

I think that is the key.  Starting my day off by strengthening my heart and mind with God’s Word.  I didn’t do that yesterday.  Reflection is everything I hope.  So, today, I am choosing something different.  I am choosing to start my day by focusing on God, and MAKING Him the center of my morning.  Whatever comes my way, I can face it through Him.  If my emotions trigger a CRAVING, I am going to intentionally choose the Word, because my reactions are still to choose food.

I pray that this journey creates within me a desire so intense for God, that one day I just automatically go to Him for everything.  Just so you don’t think I am a total downer….I want you to know that I have come a long way.  I am nowhere NEAR where I used to be, but still so far from where I want to be….so, I guess I will just keep my feet in today.

Matthew 6:31-34 is my “armor” for today:

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’   For the pagans run after these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do no worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”



2 Corinthians 12:9 – My weakness, HIS strength

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

One of the most beautiful realities about my walk with Christ is that, when He wants me to know something, He will not stop until I know it.  When He wants me to see something, He will not stop until I see it.  When He wants me to feel something, He will not stop until I feel it. And when He wants me to heal from something, He will not stop until I heal!

Oh, our Lord is so beautiful, isn’t He?  Another thing that I love so much is that there are NO coincidences in this life.  My submission to the Father, and to Christ as my Leader has opened my eyes to the reality that ALL things that come my way must first pass through my Father.  Yes, He is the Blessed Controller of all things (1Timothy 6:15), and my circumstances are a direct result of His Providence (the intentional placing of people and circumstances in my life, in order that His purposes are fulfilled).

The reason I open up with these two amazingly beautiful things about our Creator, is this: this morning I woke up and was prompted to write on my Facebook page “Beautifully Broken”.  I haven’t written in a few days, but sometimes I just get the nudge and I write.  What came from my fingertips was the following post:

When I am weak….
Only THEN can I be truly strong!

God desires our total dependence upon HIM!

If we are still fighting our battles in our own strength, we are fighting a losing battle.

If you feel like there is something in your life that you just can’t seem to ‘figure out’ or experience ‘victory’ over… Chances are, you are running on your own strength.

Try letting go, and letting God handle the outcome! 

Prayer for Today:

God, you are beautiful! You are holy! You are almighty and powerful, all-knowing, and constant. Help me to let go of my desire to fix, manage, and control the world around me! Please give me the strength to admit my weakness and surrender it to you! You know the plans you have for me…help me to trust you! In Jesus I pray! Amen

I share that with you for 2 reasons:  the first being that it is a message sent directly from our Creator to whomever is needing it (could be me, could be YOU).

The second reason I share this is because I didn’t even know that our verse this week was 2 Corinthians 12:9!  I have had a very intense week and have not been able to keep up with M2C as closely as I did in the previous weeks.  I was feeling guilty about that, and kept thinking “I need to read through my emails”.  I think I am a chapter behind, but I’m not even sure because I haven’t been able to sit down and read yet.  What this experience confirms for me is this:  When my Lord wants me to know something, He doesn’t stop until I know it!  God is present in all things.  He knows exactly where my heart is and where my heart needs to be.  When I remain in a surrendered position to Him, He will reveal to me all I need to know in this season, regardless of me and my busy schedule.  So, He wanted my heart to be focused on His strength through admission of my weakness today.  And that is where it remains.

Yes, I am WEAK.  In my own power, I can do NO GOOD THING.  I need Him in everything.  I need Him to wake up in the morning and put my feet on the ground.  I need Him to take my first step each day, and every step that follows.  I need Him every second of every minute of every hour of EVERY DAY.  I have experienced a life that is lived without the Lord in the Leadership position for far too long.  I now enjoy a life that is surrendered to Him on a daily basis, and the result of that is absolute FREEDOM!  Freedom from the bondage of SELF!  Freedom from the chains of addiction!  Freedom from the constant oppressive worries of the world!  My life is no longer lived on self alone.  My life is lived in CHRIST alone!  Amen and AMEN!!!!!



I am currently a part of an amazing Online Bible Study called Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkuerst.  This is the first online Bible study I have ever done.  I didn’t know what to expect, so I went in expecting nothing.

We are at the tail end of the 3rd week of the study.  Our focus this week is on deepening our relationship with God through our struggles with food and/or other such addictions or issues.  It is a good focus for me.  This study has really had me reflecting on the way I have viewed food and my body for the majority of my adult life.

Much has been revealed to me through reading the book and engaging in some of the discussions surrounding it.  I have really had my eyes opened to the main reason I couldn’t get my bulimia under control.  I thought I was entering into the study to hit my bulimia head on.  To release the shame by releasing the secret to other women who had “food issues”.

I was way off.  The focus of this study, at least for me, isn’t that I “learn” how to get my episodes under control, like I thought it would be.  This study, for me, is about learning to accept my body exactly as it is, and to replace my idols of food and body image with the One and Only TRUE God, Christ Himself.

This week’s word is #peace.  God’s peace has been incredibly tangible for me this week.  I have gone through a lot of complicated situations this week.  God’s peace has remained constant through it all.

The other night I was looking at my body.  This body that I have been obsessing about since I was old enough to begin paying attention to my body.  I’ve never thought I was skinny ‘enough’, or pretty ‘enough’.  I always thought my stomach was fat, even before I had children.  One way I learned to cope with that feeling of being fat, was to binge on the foods I craved, and then throw it back up so I didn’t have to consume the calories.  It seemed innocent enough at first, and it actually made sense to me for quite some time.

Recently (within the past 3 years) I have lost nearly 50 pounds and actually look totally different than I did before (God really is in the business of creating us anew).  I have to be honest and say that I am still not at “peace” with my body.  I want to be at peace with it.  I want you to think I am at peace with it.  But none of that is fact.  I still am not comfortable with certain areas of my body.  I realize that this does not honor God because I am choosing to serve my body image rather than my God.

I stood in front of the mirror the other day, thanking God for my gray hairs and wrinkles.  I thanked Him that life is a journey and that I get to stay along for the ride.  I thanked Him for the areas of my body which I find dissatisfying.  I know that this body I now dwell in, is not my own.  It is a temple for God’s Holy Spirit to dwell.  (I am not speaking in arrogance here….check out the book of Romans and 1 Corinthians).  God is amazing, and He is revealing things to me through this study.

I  pray for healthy choices to become healthy habits, healthy habits to become healthy character,  and healthy character to become  healthy living.  When I live in a state of gratitude for the body that God has given me.  When I honor Him by thanking Him for my body and treating it with respect (by eating right, exercising, and making the choice not to binge), He in turn blesses me with a peace about myself that surpasses all understanding.  The peace I can attain through a constant state of gratitude and prayer, is a peace that doesn’t come from me.  It is a peace that can exist in the middle of chaos.  It is the peace that can calm a raging storm.  It is the peace that can only come from the Lord Himself.  Which is why this study has been so amazing.  I may not feel at peace with my body at this time in my life, and perhaps I may never feel total peace in this area.  However, I can experience peace by choosing to keep my eyes OFF my body image and ON my Creator.

Interesting reflection….when I am immersed in God’s peace….I never feel like doing anything that could cause harm to my body, soul, or mind.  I don’t think that this “food” study actually has anything to do with “earthly food”, and everything to do with the “food” that comes from God Himself – the Bread of Life and the Living Water.  The craving that TRULY satisfies.


Made to Crave – Week 2

Made To Crave: Online Bible Study – Week 2 Journal




1 Peter 5:7-8


God, you are a great lover of all of your children!  You love me, exactly as I am!  Thank you for the body you have given me, exactly as it is.  Thank you for every curve, for every soft spot, for every wrinkle, for every gray hair.  All these things show that I am alive!  You have given me the gift of life.  I am grateful that you have gifted me with a body that works as it should.  Please help me to see past my imperfections.  Please help me to glorify you by honoring my body.  Thank you for revelation that it is ME who serves my body, not the other way around.  My body was created to be a temple for Your Holy Spirit.  Please give me eyes to see it that way.  Please help me not to fall into vain thinking about my body.  Please help me make choices that honor my body.  Please help me choose clothes that honor you as well.  I love you Lord.  I praise Your Holy Name!!!  In Jesus I pray!  Amen!!!


My first goal this week is to continue to stay clear of processed sugar, simple carbs, dairy, and meats other than fish.

My second goal this week is to connect with Denise on Tuesday morning.

Action Steps:

Make the phone call on Tuesday.

Choose healthy food choices.



I was able to accomplish this week’s goals!  I had a bad food day on Tuesday, but it didn’t pull me under.  I got right back on track the next day.  I absolutely lived “determined” this week.  Overall, I felt God becoming bigger as I am becoming less!  Amen and Hallelujah!!


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Permissible but Not Beneficial

“I have the right to do anything,” you say — but not everything is beneficial.  “I have the right to do anything” –but not everything is constructive.  1Corinthians 10:23

Growing up, especially in my later teens through my later twenties, I thought I was invincible.  I remember thinking that I could do anything I wanted to.  I was enthralled with the concept of “freedom” from the authority figures in my life.

I never considered that my actions actually had an impact on God.

My thoughts were that God wasn’t interested in the “little things” I did in my daily life.  I easily justified every sin I committed, by telling myself that it wasn’t sin.  I didn’t think that God cared what I did in my life, as long as I didn’t commit what I then considered to be the “big sins”, like theft, murder etc.

I went through my life like whirling dervish.  I justified getting drunk, being promiscuous, smoking, overeating, overspending, binge and purging…you name it, it was OK for me.  It literally was not until I became a surrendered Christian at the age of 35 that I even considered the things like yelling,  gossiping,  overeating,  frivolous spending,  or other similar seemingly “small” actions sinful!

As part of my nature, I cannot stand being told what to do.  I immediately begin the process of rebellion.  Growing up, I always felt like I had to be a “rule follower”, and I hated rules.  I was so consumed with what others thought of me, that I followed those rules whether I wanted to or not.  When I got out from under the constant watch of my parents and others who “told” me what to do, I started acting out in the ways I had always wanted to.

Finally, as I began to understand what it really means and looks like to follow Christ, I started to understand that I could “choose” to do anything I wanted to do.  I realized that God does not FORCE me to do anything, however He does ENFORCE consequences for wrong choices.  So, from the big things like getting drunk  and being promiscuous to less significant things, like profanity and gossiping, were actually choices I still had.  I was free to act in any way I wanted, but wrong actions equate uncomfortable consequences.  This was a concept that took me a while to understand.

When I did begin to wrap my mind around this Truth, I started changing my actions.  I started trying to line EVERYTHING I said and did up with God’s Word.

I focused on Philippians 4:8 ~ Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

This verse helped me to change the way I thought.  Changing my thinking helped me to change the way I behaved.  Changing my behavior is helping me to change my entire character, thus having a grand effect on my destiny!

Yes, I fully embrace that everything is permissible, but not always beneficial or constructive.  It is the constructive and beneficial choices that I choose for my life today!  Thank the LORD.


Made To Crave Blog Hop 101 – Jesus Saves!

I grew up a Catholic, knowing that God was real and that Jesus died on the cross.  I went to church every week.  My parents did their best to raise me right.  I attended Catholic school until I was in the 8th grade.  I heard all the stories about Jesus, but none of it seemed real.  It was all like a fairy tale, or perhaps a history account, but not something that I thought I could relate my own life to.

As I got older I walked away from the church, and attended only on holidays or when my mother gave me enough grief.  I got married in the church in 2002, because my mother expected it.  I baptized each of my children in the church.  Again, it was because it was expected.  My daughter got old enough to attend CCD in 2008, so her father and I thought it best to sign her up, and do our best to attend church again.  We went here and there.  Right smack dab in the middle of that time, our marriage began to dissolve, and we became separated in 2010.  Once again, I pulled away from the church.  I found no joy in attending church.  My mind was wandering to other things when the priest talked.  I didn’t understand scripture, so the message behind the readings was lost in translation.  I physically showed up and sat in a pew from time to time, but mentally and emotionally, I was disconnected.

It wasn’t until I hit a physical, emotional, and spiritual “bottom” that I began to honestly assess my spirituality, and seek out a different way to live my life.  The self-sufficient, independent, strong woman I had worked so hard to become, had fallen away.  I was defeated.  My body, my mind, my heart, and my spirit were bankrupt.  I was desperate for another way.  I became a “seeker” in 2011.  I started looking for a way to achieve inner peace amidst the chaos of what had become my life.  It was at a retreat in March of 2011 that I received a Bible, and the beautiful message that I could not forgive myself until I first recognized and received the forgiveness of my Savior.  I began to wonder who this “Jesus” man really was, and I started to develop a relationship with Him.

I started to spend time journaling and reading the Bible.  I asked a Bible-believing friend of mine to help me understand the Bible, because I had found it so confusing, and honestly I was intimidated to read it.  She did, and I began in the book of John.  I also entered into a 21-day “Awakening” fast, where I read and journaled my way through scripture for 21 days, alongside a food fast.  It was transformative, and by the time the fast was over, I had fully committed my life to the leadership of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is 2014, and I have not looked back.  I have continued to walk alongside my Savior, yearning for His presence on a daily basis.  He has given me strength to overcome the disease of alcoholism,significant loss, divorce, bankruptcy, manipulative and toxic relationships, and is currently helping me trudge through the muck of bulimia. He has redeemed me from a promiscuous past, a prideful heart, materialism, the constant need for approval and validation from others, people pleasing, and my performance-driven nature.  He has set me on solid ground and has given me a new life, through Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection! He has freely given me Grace and Strength enough for today.  It is in my todays that He shows up and works out the plan He has laid out before me.  It is in my todays that He creates me into the woman I was always intended to be.  I am a constant work in progress, and thank my precious LORD, He isn’t done with me yet!


Made To Crave – Week 1

Made To Crave: Online Bible Study – Week 1 Journal

My Word:


I have to be honest and say that this word is not resonating with me right now.  I will have to pray and reflect on this word to see what God has in mind for me.

Today (1/20/14) I looked up “empower” in the dictionary, and this is what I found:


 transitive verb \im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r\

: to give power to (someone)

: to give official authority or legal power to (someone)

My initial reaction was a bit surprising.  I felt a twinge of that’s not right…I don’t have any power over my bulimia (which is the brokenness God is working on in me right now).  So, my impulsive thought was that I was NOT going to focus on this word this week, as I felt it was the opposite of how I wanted to feel, or think, about this new journey.  Notice I said, IMPULSIVE THOUGHT, and INITIAL REACTION.  Thank the LORD, I no longer stop at my impulsive thoughts or reactions anymore.  I took the word a bit deeper in my heart, and I also noticed that our actual word this week is “empowered” not just “empower”.  This simple suffix made all the difference in my perception.  When I think of the word “empower”, I think of myself being the one to give power or authority to someone or something.  But…..when I think of the word “empowered”, I think of someone else having the power and GIVING it to ME.  Ok, stick with me here….  I’m thinking of the verse Philippians 4:13 right now… I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me.    Christ STRENGTHENS me… Christ EMPOWERS me to fight this fight.  He gives me the power I need to get through this journey, one step at a time.  It is NOT my power, but the power that CHRIST releases within me, that will keep me steady….one wobbly step at a time!!

Psalm 84:2, My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.
yearn:  to long for something persistently
courts of the Lord:  heaven
cry out: desperation
living God: Christ!
YES!  My soul DOES cry out for Jesus!  I do long for the day that I walk in the presence of my Savior in heaven! I desperately long to be near Him, all day long, in every circumstance I face!  I CRAVE the Lord!!!  Amen

God, I pray you would guide me in understanding this verse at a deeper level.  I pray that you would etch this verse on my heart and that I would be able to fully live out the heart behind the words.  In Jesus!  Amen

My Prayer:

Father God!  As I walk into this study, Made to Crave, I am filled with many feelings.  Lord, you know my heart.  You know my struggles with food and with replacing the craving for YOU with cravings for things that give me physical and TEMPORARY satisfaction.  Lord, you have given me such a gift of showing me that ALL these things have and will continue to leave me empty.  God, there is nothing and NO ONE that can fill my heart and soul’s deepest longings like You can!  Help me to grasp that understanding at the heart level.  Help me to walk away from all things that pull me away from You.  Lord, I pray to be drawn into a deeper, more intimate relationship with you through this journey.  Grant me strength to do Your will, and Your will alone.  It is in the name of Jesus that I pray!  Amen

My Goal:

This week, my goal is to continue the disciplined food plan I have been following, and to attend one of the live M2C sessions.

 (I entered into a ‘fast’ 2 weeks ago, and have not had one urge to binge thus far.  I think that one of the reasons God called me into this fast was to change my eating habits.  I have been crying out to Him recently to guide me in my eating.  I do not believe this to be a coincidence.)

UPDATE on WEEK 1 (1/27/2014)

My Thoughts:  

Overall this week was a good week.  I felt that I stuck to my food plan well and I didn’t have any urges to binge.  I purchased an exercise app, and used it several times this week.  It is a good workout, and even my children enjoy doing it with me.  I am excited about that!

My Victories:  

No urges to binge and purge!!  No cravings for sugar!! (officially 20 days without)

My Prayer:

God, I continue to lift this journey up to you!  I continue to rely fully on you to bring me through the yuck of bulimia and into full recovery!  I praise you for this week’s victories, as I know they are NOT my own!  I cannot do any of this on my own!  You are constantly doing for me, that which I cannot do for myself. Thank You Father, for always knowing what is best for Your children! In Jesus I pray! Amen

My Notes:  

Chapters 1-3 have been great reading!  I am learning so much about myself and my food choices, food cycles, food obsession!  In chapter 1, I learned that my craving for God HAS to replace my craving for food!  I have also learned that craving ANYTHING more than I crave Him,  is sinful.  In chapter 2, I  learned that “vowing to do better” will never work.  I have also learned that “waiting until tomorrow” is a great illusion.  I have learned that in order to fully recover I have to admit my struggle completely.  I cannot hide from it.  I understand that God has been calling me into recovery in this area for quite a while.  I have to surrender this to Him in the same way I have surrendered other areas of my life.  I have learned that I have to make this about something bigger than just myself.  Lysa confirmed for me that replacing my cravings for food with cravings for God is the only solution that is going to work!  Prayer is powerful, and it DOES WORK.  Chapter 3 helped me outline a healthy food plan, and make a commitment to stick to it.  I have to realize that there are some foods that I just have to stay away from in order to remain in a healthy place. I am in this, 100%, and I am excited for this journey to continue!  Bring it on, WEEK 2!!

“My Thoughts, My Victories, My Prayers, My Notes, and My Extra Notes”

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