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Getting Started

I was reading through a blog I currently follow, which contains a daily writing prompt This is ‘write’ up my alley! Today’s Daily Prompt was to write about a typical day in a medium I don’t typically use on my blog. So, while I do love to write poetry, I don’t write it often. Here is a poem entitled ‘Just Be’:

Wake up Oh Sleeper

jump out and move

running past commitment

to whom do you prove?

Sink to the bottom

or rise to the top

the answer comes easy

but first you must stop.

Let God take control now

your license revoked

He is the driver

your control is a joke

Meet Him in silence

And soon you will see

your day is not ready

until you can just BE.


In the Quiet Stillness

In the quiet stillness,

I can  hear Your heart

I sit before You yearning,

I long for Your impart

Of knowledge and of wisdom

Only of Your ways

Of hope, joy, peace, and love

To cover all my days.

I know that You are with me

I feel Your warm embrace

I want to stay here with You

I long to see Your face

Sometimes I don’t see anything

Sometimes I hear Your voice

I continue to come back to You

I’ve finally made the choice

That no matter where I end up

It’s where I’m supposed to be

You’re guiding every move I make

I just have to wait and see.

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